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Cinnamon has been used for many years to promote good health. However, today it is used for it’spicy flavor in cooking foods. My sister-in-law mentioned taking cinnamon for her diabetes. It really surprised me. Cinnamon is available in a number of forms. Normally used as a spicy power to flavor foods. It is also sold in stickerbs, essential oils, teas and capsules. Being an information junkie, I researched the health benefits of cinnamon. What I found really convinced me that we all should be taking cinnamon daily. Let me share the benefits that I learned. Cinnamon has powerful medicinal qualities.

Circulatory System

Cinnamon stimulates the circulatory system. This increases the blood flow through the digestive system. It increases blood flow which helps with pain and oxygen supply to cells, thereby increasing metabolic activity. While increasing blood flow and digestion, cinnamon aids in preventing heart disease and LDL cholesterol. It helps prevent unwanted clumping of blood platelets. IT is a natural direcuretic which lowers blood pressure. Since it increases metabolic activity, this also improves sensitivity to the hormone insulin. It lowers blood sugar levels.


Cinnamon helps fight infections and candida. It treats yeast Infections and inflammation. Since it fights infections is an effective medicine in fighting cold symptions. Respiratory infections are inhibited. Because of the antimicrobial anti bacterial properties of cinnamon it helps control the body’s regulatory systems. It helps heal internal tissue by fighting infections as an antiseptic.


Cinnamon helps combat depression. Adults are more alert, hannamon to positive results in treating cognative impairments such as Alzheimer’s Disease. It increases neurotransmitter levels and improves motor function. It boosts the immunity system and is thought to increase the longitivity of a person.

Internal Systems

Cinnamon treats stomach ulcers, cramps mood swings and other feminine discomforts. It relieves stomach discomfort, nausea, vomitingve increased memory recall, and have increased response time. It is thought to have neurogeneative effects on brain function. Studies have shown ci, diarreah and gas. It helps relieve the swelling and joint pain of arthritis. Cinnamon is thought to inhibit regeneration of cancer cells which the bowl sloughs off by the increased blood flow. It treats respiratory infections and cold symptoms. It helps fight common allegeries and sore throat and other cold symptoms. Colon function and irritable bowel are. Improved.

Weight Loss

There are many valid reasons to add a daily dose of cinnamon to one’s daily routine. In addition to it’s nutritive benefits, there are beauty uses for cinnamon. For a free download, see the button below this post.

cinnamon is good for your health.

cinnamon is good for your health.

cinnamon is good for your health.cinnamon

How About Your Passport?

August 17th, 2016 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on How About Your Passport?)

[su_heading size="18"]I already have a passport[/su_heading]

Are you planning a vacation out of the United States? You will need a passport. Go to your

favorite pharmacy and have them take Passport photos. Once you have the photos, go to the


Post Office to obtain an application, Be sure to allow about three weeks for processing.

You will have to provide proof of identity and proof of citizenship at this time.

*Suppose you already have a passport? Be sure to check when it was issued.It may need to

be reissued. Follow the process above to do this. Once again, allow three weeks for


* Has your name changed since your passport was issued? You need to take a valid pass-

port, a copy pf your marriage certificate, or divorce doccuments, or a court order to have

your passport reissued.

*Has your passport been lost or stolen? You will need a statement regaurding your stolen

passport. You will need to file DS-11 passport application. You will also have to provide

proof of identity and citizenship. This also requires a recent passport photograph.

* Has your passport been damaged? It will be considered invalid if it is torn, separated,

washed or altered in any way. It needs to be replaced.

* If all the pages in your passport have been used, you will need a second passport. The

issuance of a second passport is approved on an individual basis.

*What if this is the first time you need a passport? You must be age eighteen, or older. The

requirements for a first time passport remain the same.

*If you are traveling with a minor child, they must use their own passport (even if they are

a newborn) when traveling internationally by air. Once they reach eighteen they must present

the most recent passport and a recent photograph. If the previous passport was issued more t

than fifteen years ago, it must be reissued,

*A final note to mention is that if you want to receive an expedited passport, it can be

processed for an additional fee.

Enjoy your vacation.



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