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The Email That Blew My Mind

Have you had an opportunity to listen to our  younger people talk?  It is certainly an eye opener.  I thought I was being stuffy, but then I noticed the language on some of the Social Media sites is just as colorful, with no regard to who may choose to be reading what they wrote.

I would not put my name on that kind of filth on the Internet for all to see, and yet it is becoming the social trend. Do we not value ourselves any more

 I would value my pride more than that? I wouldn’t  want anyone to associate those words with me. Has society degraded to the point that cursing is part of the socially acceptable conversation?  Where does that leave the youngest children?
  This is only beginning of my rant.
While she more than made her point, it was couched in disrespectable language.  To have the sanctity of my home violated by a sleezy email from someone I barely know, annoyed me more than   I can say,  As time allowed, I tried to think of a reasonable way to make my point  Finally, I replied to her, agreeing with her point of view, but let her know that while this was true, I was offended by her vocabulary.  I gave it a couple of hours to mellow and be certain that I had not come on too strong or preachy,  Finally, I pushed the reply button and considered the matter at rest.

Before I went to bed, I checked the email again.  There awaited another vile email from a different young woman.  It started out like some kind of demented fairy tale. She talked about falling glitter all over the room, but it was not ordinary glitter it was unicorn-----   She slipped in the unicorn-----------and hit her----------head.  It felt so bad that she had to have another drink because she couldn’t let the story end on that note.  The entire communication was curse words strung together like costume jewelry..  

She digressed and launched into a series of excuses why she had not completed a task. I suppose the fantasy was intended to be creative expressionism, but I found it a disgusting communication which could have been be opened by anyone in my .  Why was it necessary to write those words?      

 As I checked the email this morning,  I had a reply from the first potty mouth peer The tone was defensive as she pointed out that cursing is  just a part of who she is and she won’t change, That if I did not like it, I could just click the unsubscribe button and be done with it. I really had not expected her to be too happy, but the tone was downright indignant.  Of course, I am no longer a subscriber to either email list.

 I remembered something my husband had said years ago when he encountered a situation with a person using foul language.  He said, “You’re putting words in your mouth that I wouldn’t put on my hands.”