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Tech Gifts They Will Love For Valentines Day

Tech Gifts They Will Love

Just in case you feel the need to buy some last-minute gifts to put together, I felt the need to put together a list of ideas. To inspire you and;save time and energy spent shopping.

These gifts are tech items and who doesn’t like those? There is something suitable for any age person. I included a selection, but these ideas may spark your imagination in another direction. Most items can be found quickly and easily ranging from the mall, online, or even in your local drug store. In order to avoid the mall, you might choose to purchase online at

Starting with ear buds available in many styles and priced accordingly. Next, I scouted out cell phone accessories.Screen protectors were under $10 and cases started there and for a little more, you could get a leather case, or one in a folder/ wallet model ;There are charging cables, headphones, selfie sticks and a molded plastic bracket designed to hold a cell phone while driving. Of course there is always the most recent model cell phones to choose from.

In addition to cell phone technology, there is a wide assortment of accessories for the Kindle e-book readers.They are real bargain compared to debut prices. has an extensive selection of e-books at low prices. They download them electronically, and all it takes is a phone call or website visit.

You can also choose from charging cables, screen savers, leather cases and a cordless tabletop charging device. There is an accessory that charges more than one device at a time. The Kindle reader I saw was priced at $40, and prices rose from there.

Speakers come in such a variety of sized, shapes and price ranges that it was difficult to determine which were the best to purchase. After viewing the speakers, I explored streaming devices. The models I saw were widely available and a good alternative to cable. They are available in a wide range of models to choose from also. They started with the Google Chromecast Ultra, then the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast Audio, on to the higher end models Western Digital WDTVLive and on to the Roku 3 (2013). Some of these devices were very small and easily handled.

Last items I looked at were drones. I was not aware how many models are being sold. They would be a great choice for the sporting teenagers and up in age men. However they may be delighted when gifts are opened. Of the dozen or more models they fluctuate in price. You can get a lower priced drone for about $80 and on up to around $200. One drawback is that this technology requires supervision.

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12 Things to Get Your Boss

womans things
pink carnation with gold notebook and pen

womans things
pink carnation with gold notebook and pen

12 Things to Get Your Boss

Are you procrastinating about buying a Christmas present for your boss? You
know you need to do it, but it constantly gets pushed to the bottom of your “to do" list

Part of what makes this gift so hard to complete is the decision of  exactly
what to buy. Since I do not have a boss, I’ve been brainstorming ideas to
suggest. Most items can be picked up quickly and easily I included
approximate costs for the budget minded shopper
How about a bound tablet and a best selling paperback book? This is an
expense of  around $15.  Just in case your boss is experiencing stress, how
about an adult coloring book and crayons? They come in various designs that are very popular.  Once again, the cost is around $15.

You might choose an attractive, scented candle for their desk. Shop carefully and you can find
them for around $15. Of course you could choose a calendar
Or a bottle of cologne.

Rifle Paper Company sells a special recipe box for
about $34 They also offer an almost unlimited selection of gift items.
If you go to the mall, visit the Harry and David store. You have your choice of
prefilled gift boxes and baskets. They make an impressive presentation.
Prices begin around $25.
Jakben also has prepackaged sets of flavored salts around $35. These  would be an excellent choice for flavoring popcorn or outdoor grilling.

Kieh’s Creme
De Corps collection coffee set will be an expense of $58.

Just in case you want to splurge on this gift, I recommend a Wine of the Month Subscription.
They cost about $37 and up .

You might want to buy a wallet as a safe gift choice. Be observant and  try to notice
their preferred wallet style based on it, just in case they like the
one they now use. The start about $15

There are several choices for Uncommon Seeds dishtowels. They cost about
$42, however they can be useful year round.

Since everyone has to eat, there are a multitude of cooking and microwave
implements available.

Last, I found a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for $279. This may be more appropriate as a group gift.
I enjoy using mine because it does such a great job each time I use it.

If  nothiing on this list appeals to you, there’s always a Swiss Army Knife

.e If you decide on somthing
that is not on the list, email me so it can become a part of
next year’s list.

Hopefully, this post inspires you to choose something unique for gifting your boss.
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