Money, Money, Money

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Money, Money, Money
Wishing and hoping doesn’t eliminate your debts. You need two things:
to want to do this, and a management plan that you can follow. If
you’re ready to do this, let’s dive right in and develop a strategy.
Take an honest look at each credit card with an outstanding
Make a list that includes all balances and the monthly payments.
Don't forget the living expenses you pay each month. Living
expenses don't need to be on the credit card sheet, just be aware
of them.
Next, consider how much money you are paying in interest each month
and how much that it reduces the balance. While you may have been
excited to gain a credit card, few people actually realize how
quickly it can become an out of control expense. Once this is complete
. What would it take to reduce the balance?
At this point, you have to choose have between two options, If you
have a financial relationship with a bank, or credit union, you can
approach them for a loan to refinance your debt. Your other option is
an alternative method of refinancing. There are credit cards with
zero interest to lower finance rates. You can apply for one of these
to pay off the cards with a higher interest rates. Some to check out
Citi Double Cash Card
These cards are No
Interest until 2018.
Citi Simplicity Card or Chase State are the top balance transfer
cards. They offer the longest time to pay down the balance, They
offer a 0% interest rate for 24 months. However there is a 3%
Transfer fee,
Citi Diamond Preferred offers 21 months to repay with no annual
Fee There is a 3% balance fee,
Discover It offers a 18 month repayment fee with a 6 months at 0%
Cash back on purchases, There is no annual fee.
There are a few restrictions to be aware of. You cannot transfer
student loans, unpaid mortgages, unpaid medical bills and debts
a prior consolidation loan. It is advisable not to try to
borrow from the same bank you already owe money. You probably
won’t be eligible to borrow funds in excess of your balance.
You can borrow or (transfer balances) from department stores,
travel cards, and hotel expenses. You can transfer unpaid expenses
from airline card, but be aware that most include a 3=5% fee of the amount borrowed.
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