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DGP Caper

DGP, Is It Real?
If DGP is real, then I'm Wrong.

Opening more emails again this week proved to be interesting. I was faced with

two totally opposing points of view on the subject of expressing gratitude. Sometimes it’s a smile,

a joke or even a kind word. The first one was another by the gentleman who had sent me an

before that was very moving



He said he felt like giving is expressing gratitude, whether the words are spoken

or not. I’d have to agree with him. Each moment is an opportunity to give, as

long as it is done freely. You may not be giving to the same person that has

given to you, but the spirit is there. Giving results in a higher vibration inside

yourself. It is uplifting both to the giver and the receiver. It doesn’t have to be

physical to be meaningful. Sometimes it’s a smile, a joke or even a kind word.

that can make someone’s day. The resulting vibrations cause you to attract

positive things into your own life. I hadn’t ever thought about it in those terms,

but felt comfortable with his philosophy. You will attract positive people if you

are sending positive signals.


The opposing email caused me some consternation, She was offended by my blog post

on gratitude. I had never thought about that happening. It is hard to pull back in order to be neutral.

I reread the email several times, just to try to understand where her feelings were coming from, trying to think

whether it was somehow my fault.


The subject line should have warned me, but I had no clue what DGP meant.

She told me near the end. She agrees that while expressing gratitude is uplifting,

it is over prescribed, She said although she is not seeing that doctor who prescribed gratitude, she still

had not shaken her resentment.


Then she explained DGP means Difficult Gratitude Problem.

DGP, Is It Real?
If DGP is real, then I'm Wrong.

I never heard of it before. She said gratitude discussions can get tedious.

c Gratitude loses its magic through lengthy sessions. It becomes a test

of endurance because once she has stated that gratitude does not do it for her,

it’s game over.


Her other DGP concludes that forcing gratitude doesn’t work. Saying

affirmations that you don’t believe, leaves you feeling silly. Being grateful for

something you have always taken for granted doesn’t work either.


Talking about gratitude becomes too habitual. Keeping a daily list of things you

are grateful for, becomes a chore. Knowing that no exceptions will be granted.

While it becomes routine for some, others feel is a dreaded routine

She then comments that routines are a good thing, as long as you don’t lose

the sight of the fact that routines are made to be broken.

Finding gratitude in the midst of a problem, loss, or chaos is like striking mood

busting gold.


Then the email explains how she deals with DGP. She picks one

thing that's bothering her. She keeps a journal, it must not be restricted content.

She does not do this daily. Since the DGP exists, she saves journaling for those

darker days.


She keeps a folder of “happy things,” like notes, or articles and

jokes. A pretty, decorated jar of awesome notes stores memories of happy



Her final way to combat DGP is to make a list of one hundred things she

should be grateful for. Since one hundred is a lot, it is a healthy exercise. Really

stimulates the brain like a gratitude binge


I suppose that DGP is food for thought. I try to be more of a role model for my

adult children. As we age it becomes easier to choose a positive focus