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March 5th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources

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Pinterest Image Tips

Optimize your Pinterest pinning schedule.

Create multiple boards related to your brand.

Name boards to tell users exactly what they can expect.

This assists users in finding your content.

Repin valuable content from other boards.

Use appealing cover photos for Pinterest boards.

Cover size is 217x147 pixels, crop images as necessary.

Use longer images to stand out on boards.

Use multiple dominant colors with less than 30% background.

Red, Orange and Brown images get pinned 2x as often as Blue.

Have conversations with pinners to thank them using the paper

          airplane image to send a message.

If you find a pin you want to comment on, click comments then click the red                            comment button.

Add group boards for more pin exposure.

Use Pinterest Analytics to find what your audience wants.

Schedule pins at the best possible times (sat. 8-11pm)  (2-4am and pm)

(1-3 sun.pm)

Use rich pins to include more detailed information.

You may choose to include Pinterest promoted ads)

Always use a Call To Action in your blog post! Change up the wording:

Share this post,  Pin it for later, Register today,    Sign-up here, RSVP here

Pin often and consistently.

Install a Pin It button on your website

Be sure to add pin descriptions using keywords

label images with your website in the appropriate blank box.

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