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What is PLR and how do you use it? Have you ever gotten in a pinch with writing your blog post? It is due and you don”t know how you can fit it into your schedule. I know this is sometimes a problem for me. Unless you have a different answer, I have the solution to rescue yourself quickly. Look into using PLR content. Just in case you are not familiar with it, let me explain what it is and how to use it. It is content that has been prepared in a user friendly format. Because you pay for it, you can rebrand it, modify it or put your own name on it. You can explore a number of topics to choose from. From time to time certain packages are on sale. To explore what is available, use the following link: https://diyplr.com/bundles/aff/go/catherineczajkowski996/?i=350 2. You’ll Gain Repeat Traffic Visitors that have been to your site and enjoyed what they saw are more likely to return. They also are more inclined to subscribe to your blog or email list. 3. More Qualified Leads Consistent content leads to more subscribers and better lead capture results. Once you have an email address, you can then begin to nurture that potential customer with consistent content via your email newsletter. 4. Better Search Engine Results Search engines, like Google, pay more attention to websites that consistently publish relevant content. Your site will be indexed more frequently if you’re publishing content on a regular basis. This, of course, leads to more organic traffic. 5. Consistent Content Builds Relationships and Strengthens Your Brand Think of a piece of content as a conversation. It’s difficult to build a relationship with a single conversation. Relationships are built over time and so is your brand. It takes time for prospects to get to know who you are and what your business is about. Consistent content and a consistent message spread across a few well-chosen marketing channels can help you forge customer relationships and strengthen your brand. Then go make easy work out of consistent content creation and reap the benefits! Here’s a quick before-the-weekend heads up that the Email List Secrets package offer is going to expire very soon! Email marketing is my FAVE online marketing topic…and for darned good reason. An email list is the single most lucrative asset you can build for your business. Even if you grow a social media following, buy ads or run a successful affiliate program, EVERYTHING always comes back to the list. It’s like your virtual cash machine. No joke ! Anyway, as you know by now, Aurelius always puts together complete product funnels that are ready for you to launch a product quickly…OR take the bits and pieces and incorporate everything into your content marketing or existing products. At under $10, this is a no brainer…tons of versatile quality content that’s ready to roll. Even at regular price, it is worth it Packages downloaded to your email including graphics to use or divide and sell the packages as ebooks using the covers included. This is an awesome lead magnet that you can recover your investment from . https://diyplr.com/bundles/aff/go/catherineczajkowski996/?i=350 This is a no brainer…tons of versatility for under $10 .30 Days to a Bigger Email List IF you know Paul, you know he is a MARKETING WHIZ. He has a list of 80,000 subscribers…so he knows a thing or two about list building and you get to tap into that knowledge. Use the content to grow your own list or treat it like PLR and get it out to your subscribers and customers. This is content completely created Paul..Do yourself a favor and get this before it’s gone. It’s on for a very special low (CRAZY LOW!) for a short time only. I’ve just found a great health PLR deal for you. It’s got tons of great content, just perfect for you building your list. Michelle Bybel has put together a package on emotional eating that includes the following: 19-page ebook – End Emotional Eating: How To Heal With Awareness, Mindfulness and Other Holistic Techniques 10-day ecourse – Understanding and Healing Emotional Eating 5-page report – Top Holistic Methods for Healing Emotional Eating 15 tweets to promote your ebook Lots of great stuff, for only $7 https://diyplr.com/bundles/aff/go/catherineczajkowski996/?i=350 For the past few days, I’ve been scouring the internet and reading (like, all) the comments on Facebook, looking for the most frequently asked questions about email marketing. Where do I even start with email marketing? Yeah! You want to do email marketing! The best place to start is always with your audience. Do your research, find out what information they want from you – then create an opt-in (or freebie they can give in exchange for email address) that they’ll love and start building your list. 2. How often should I email subscribers? This really depends on what you hope to achieve. I would recommend writing at least once a week, and no more than three times a week. You want to stay current, but you don’t want to overwhelm anyone. 3. I want to engage more with my clients while still working smarter, any ideas? This is exactly why email marketing was created. Email allows you a very, very unique opportunity to continuously engage with your clientele without doing a whole lot more work. An easy way to get started is to build a backlog of evergreen content and set it up to send out once a week – this way even if you don’t have time to send a regular broadcast something still goes out to your list. 4. What are the best email service providers even if you don’t have time to send a regular broadcast something still goes out to your list. 4. What are the best email service providers? Again, it really depends on your goals. But, many of them have a free trial period, all of them have tutorial videos, and most of them have wonderful support teams that will allow Once you get in there look at how the system allows you to tag, segment, and AUTOMATE campaigns https://diyplr.com/bundles/aff/go/catherineczajkowski996/?i=350 Do you like it? Is it intuitive to use? Will it incentives you to send your weekly broadcasts, or will you put it off cause you hate using it? Find one that comes with the functionality that will foster growth later on AND that you understand, enjoy, and are excited about. 5. I hear people talk about funnels, what’s a funnel? A funnel is the journey you want to lead your buyers on as they go from ‘Never hear of you’ to ‘I want everything you got’. The best place to get started with your funnel is to think about what your readers want to know before buying from you, and how can you get to know THEM in the process. Then, outline and write each email to bring your reader along on that journey. h

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