4 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping

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sleepy cat
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Are you not sleeping well?  That depends on how much sleep you need.  Some people require less than others.  The amount of sleep you need is the ability to think clearly through the day, feel consistent energy throughout the day and not have anxiety or depression, or impatience which often accompanies insufficient sleep


Sleep is important to refresh the central nervous system.  Thus, the need for sleep is important for brain function.  Recent research reveals that the brain has a system of its own.  The glymphatic system elears  out international fluids  during sleep.


When you don’t get enough sleep, these fluids accumulate and impair functional ability and memory.  The day after a lack of sleep can feel lack of alertness, impaired memory function, slurred speech, mood swings and fatigue.


Long term sleep loss may lead to irreversible health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular and circulatory illnesses and degenerative problems such as A and Parkinson’s.


So, what’s keeping you awake?


  1. Anxiety, stress, and other mental/ emotional discomforts?
  2. Physical causes such as pain and medical illness?
  3. Environmental factors. Like noise?
  4. Poor sleep habits?


What to do.

1, If it’s anxiety, see a professional and seek to manage stress.


  1. If it’s pain or illness, check with your physician.
  2. If it’s poor sleep habits, make your bedroom like a cave, turning off all              lights, digital devices at least 1 hour before bedtime.   
  3. Stick to a consistent sleep/ wake schedule.
  4. Good sleep is vital to how you look, feel and perform.
  5. Good sleep can improve your relationships, including your sex life,   decreased body pain, and weight control.


Too much sleep could lead to increased risk of obesity.


You are  reading this post looking for 5 ways to improve sleep as the title indicates, so stay with me because those are next.


What you can do to reclaim the sleep you need.


  1. Consuming large amounts of sugar can cause insulin resistance and inflammation.  Adding a soda to a fast-food meal like a burger and fries is a perfect recipe for not sleeping.  Go for the greens, fruits and vegetables.  A recent study recommended lowering salt intake can reduce midnight bathroom calls.
  2. Chronic pain makes it difficult to stay asleep at night.  Insomnia can lower your pain tolerance.  Talk to your doctor about ways to relieve pain without drugs.  You can start by using a heating pad, an ice pack, acupuncture, or drinking tart cherry juice twice a day.
  3. Research says sleep medicines just provide an extra 84 minutes of sleep.  Add that to the fact that you still may not feel refreshed.  Sleep med.s can have dangerous side effects such as addiction,  ,or falling.  The doctor may prescribe them on a short-term basis if the patient is going through a major life crisis.

            You might try Melatonin in small doses.

  1. Certain medications tend to keep you awake, such as beta blockers

            f or hypertension, Propranolol for asthma, Corticosteroids,        SSL antidepressants can cause sleepless nights.


  1.  If you have sleep apnea, which is interfering with your sleep.  You’ll feel especially tired during the day.  Once diagnosed, it is treated using a CPAP machine.  Weight loss can improve the situation..

Insomnia causes nighttime to feel endless and exhausting.  Expert advice is to turn off all digital devices, keep the bedroom dark and cool, avoid alcohol and caffeine.   These - methods are commonly used.

However, insomnia  that does not respond and continues  interrupting,  sleep needs  different types of treatment from  those listed  above.





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