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7 Invaluable Furniture Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

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An empty house denotes no meaning. It shows no distinction. It does not recognize the individuality of the homeowner. Thus, pieces of furniture have become a necessity in any house. Furniture comes in different types. Some opt for glass-made furniture while others opt for furniture with wood surfaces.

If you have wood surfaced pieces of furniture at home, it is important to take extra care of it since wood entails extra special care compared to non-wood home furnishings. Thus, cleaning is an important measure in order for you to take good care of your things. Onlycanistervacuum has prepared some helpful cleaning tips that may be handy:

Identify the type of wood finish
Wood finishes come in different types. It varies from hard to soft finishes. Some comes in clear or painted finishes. Proper identification of the type of wood finishes will help you recognize appropriate cleaning methods.
Observe regular dusting

For all types of wood finishes, it is a must to observe regular dusting. You can use a clean, fur-free permeable cloth for dusting. Dusting should be done more than a few times a week. As a result, you suspend fast accumulation of soil and other dirt on the surface.

Protect it from direct heat of the sun
The pieces of furniture you have should be displayed in areas where it cannot be reached by the direct heat of the sun. Too much heat from the sun will make your wood furnishings dried out. On extreme cases, it can remove the color of the wood.

If however, your home furnishings have been exposed to sunlight and is susceptible to drying up, it is recommended for you to use a dehumidifier or humidifier. It helps to keep the wood surfaces from drying up.
Use protective materials

There are accidental circumstances that make you scratch your wood furniture. Hence to avoid it, it is important to use protective felt. Use tablecloth runners on wood surfaces such as a nightstand or middle tables. On the other hand, use appropriate plates for items being placed on wood surfaces. Coasters are used for glasses while vase plates are used for flower vases or indoor plants.

Polish it for further protection
To polish wood surfaces is a good cleaning measure to attain optimum protection for your home furnishings. You can use natural or commercial polishing materials. You can use linseed oil and turpentine as ingredients for polishing materials. For commercial uses, there are a lot of polishing materials sold on specialty stores.



Wash your wood furnishings
One important cleaning tip for furniture is annually washing your wood furnishings. Mild soap and water should be used as washing solution. Use a soft cloth as your washing gadget. It is a must to immediately dry your wood furnishings right after you wash them. This is done in order to prevent moisture build-up.
Watch out for damage

Cleaning is the best time to spot pieces of wood furniture that has damage. Early detection of damage can save you from major repairs or the possibility of abandoning important items in your home.
A house is a good place to stay if it is equipped with useful and well-taken cared home furnishings especially home materials made up of wood.

Hence, it is important that after you purchase such items, you are also knowledgeable on how to preserve it.

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