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How About Your Passport?

August 6th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Health

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Before You travel check it out

 Are you planning a vacation out of the United States? You will need a passport.  Pay attention to make sure your passport is ready.                                                                             Go to your favorite pharmacy and have them take Passport photos. Once you have the photos, go to the Post Office to obtain  an application.                                

You will have to provide proof of identity and proof of citizenship at this time.              Be sure to allow about three weeks for processing                                                               Make 2 Xerox copies of your passport before your trip. Take 1 copy with you and leave the other copy with a family member or trusted friend.                                                                                             Keep the copy stored in your baggage, or as suggested, the copy be scanned into your phone, Having this Digital copy will help speed up the replacement process.                          
*Suppose you already have a passport? Be sure to check when it was issued.                      It may  need to
be reissued. Follow the procedure   above to do this. Once again, allow three weeks for  processing.

* Has your name changed since your passport was issued?  You need to take a valid passport,
 a copy of your marriage certificate, or divorce documents, or a court order to have your passport reissued.                                      
*Has your passport been lost or stolen? You will need a statement regarding your stolen passport.                                                  
                                        You will need to file DS-11 passport application. You will also have to provide
proof of identity and citizenship. This also requires a recent passport photograph. Report it as soon as possible.
                                                     Make an appointment with the local US Embassy if you are in a foreign country.  Most times  a temporary replacement  is issued in  2 days. You will need it for any border crossings or for identification.                                                                   You will have to complete a declaration that your passport has been lost or stolen   lf you happen to find it, you cannot  travel on it.  Once it is reported stolen, you have to get a replacement.                            
You must be age eighteen, or older. The  requirements
for a first time passport remain the same.                          
*If you are traveling with a minor child, they must use their own passport (even if they are a newborn)
 when traveling internationally by air.                     
Once they reach eighteen they must present
the most recent passport and a recent photograph. If the previous passport was issued
more than fifteen years ago, it must be reissued,                                   
When you apply for a passport, consider ordering a passport card ($30) at the same time.                                            
It is not valid for international travel, but could simplify getting a replacement passport.                                               
*A final note to mention is that if you wanted to receive an expedited passport, it can be processed
 for an additional fee.                              
Enjoy your vacation.





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