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What is Your Most Cherished Family Heirloom?

What‘ s Your Most Cherished Family Heirloom?


That depends on who answers the question.  It may  also  depend upon


the types of items being discussed  Family items may  not be desired

by all members, depending upon memories associated with them.  Recently, I


found myself in a position to ponder and evaluate such questions as  


I am the final Living child of both my father and my mother.

I have spent a lifetime collecting antiques with my husband. Last year


  There were far too many items to move them all.  However a decision


was made and an antique sale was prepared.  


 We kept things that were valuable, both sentimental and monetary.  


We then moved all my mother’s belongings into the garage,


once again we kept most of the furniture items.  These were planned to


be used at least as long as she lives.


We have lived in this house for over a year with a full garage,


So my  antique collection  has been reduced in order to allow Mother to


have some familiar items.  It is my own issue with procrastination.


The final idea came from reading “Real Simple” magazine.  As


I read and reflected on the article, it grew in my mind


I read some of the heart-wrenching feelings about family antiques.  We

should create a roundup- post about your own family heirlooms that you treasure.  

The challenge is to choose one. and describe your feelings

please email your post to me personally.

  ssary, but a great way to share on Instagram.

 Be sure to download your idea page  

[ I can’t fight the teacher in me, so

Include pictures ,I’ll check and correct spelling and grammer[

I am happy with this little plan and I hope there are many readers who

 might share.  I will place pictures on Instagram.  Let’s


set a due date of December 16,

Be sure to download the page to help you.

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