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Don’t Overlook These Useful Products

Nail Polish

Did you ever think nail polish was only to paint your fingernails with?

 Actually it is handy to have around the house. It removes paint, lacquer, and yarns .  

Test acetone in an inconspicuous area before using it for cleaning. 

The most magical thing is that it cleans up after itself.

  1. Use nail polish to redraw lines on product caps.
  2. Label sports shoes and clothes.
  3. Polish v rust from metal.
  1. Prevents tarnish on costume jewelry.
  2. Prevents fraying 
  3. Add color to keys.
  4. STOPS a run in pantyhose
  5. Remove permanent marker from hands and walls.
  6. Remove melted plastics.Remove Super Glue.
  7. Remove paint from window glass.
  8. Scrub with Magic Eraser
  9. Wipe up nail polish smears.
  10. Clean up nail polish smears and spills
  11. Remove polish from all kinds of surfaces
  12. Pour salt over spilled polish, sweep, and absorb.                                                                    
  13. How about two more useful products?  Baby Powder and Baby Oil have many uses, even if there isn’t a baby in the house.  They are inexpensive products that are long-lasting with a number of handy uses.


    Baby Power


    1. Wet, sandy feet -  moisture absorbed and sand will fall off.
    2. Freshen stinky pets
    3. De-stink cat litter  - like a dry shampoo
    4. untangle a necklace after cleaning
    5. Use it  on  summer sheets,  It helps them feel cooler and freshly cleaned.
    6. In the garden, before planted flower bulbs to keep away pests and discourage rotting
    7. laundry Sprinkle on grease stains and rub in gently before washing’
    8. Clean cook books - use to absorb grease off cook book pages’
    9. De-stink your shoes.  Sprinkle after each wearing.
    10. Silence squeaky shoes.  
    11. Sprinkle and sweep off to eliminate squeaking

    Baby Oil


    1.Eye make-up remover.  A small piece of a cotton ball.  Gently wash off

    1. Shave with it.  Oil leaves skin silky smooth
    2. Prevent nicks.  Also leaves skin soft and moisturized.
    3.  Soothe your skin.  Use baby oil to prevent red bumps and irritation - moisturizes skin too.
    4.  Remove paint.  Remove dried paint without a lot of scrubbing.
    5. Remove temporary tattoos.  Use baby oil to remove.  Place baby oil on gum.  Should be able to comb it out.  Be sure to wash hair afterward,
    6.  Remove paint. Remove paint without a lot of scrubbing

    9,  Unstick zippers.  Rub a little bit on the zipper parts and zipping will be much easier.

    1. Moisturize cracked heels.Rub oil on the area,  Rub area every day to see a difference.
    2. Declog ears.  4-5 drops warm baby oil into the ear.  Let it sit, head sideways for a few minutes.  Tilt head the other direction and let drain out.  Rinse with warm water.

    12,  Ward off frostbite.  Cover exposed skin

    1.  Untangle jewelry  Dab baby oil on knot or tangle,  Let it set,  Use toothbrush to work out tangle.  Also lubricates chains to make untangling easier.