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(It doesn’t matter where you are from).  I also have a number of group boards, if you need one of those to join.  Let me help you find what you need.

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Don’t Overlook These Useful Products

Nail Polish

Did you ever think nail polish was only to paint your fingernails with?

 Actually it is handy to have around the house. It removes paint, lacquer, and yarns .  

Test acetone in an inconspicuous area before using it for cleaning. 

The most magical thing is that it cleans up after itself.

  1. Use nail polish to redraw lines on product caps.
  2. Label sports shoes and clothes.
  3. Polish v rust from metal.
  1. Prevents tarnish on costume jewelry.
  2. Prevents fraying 
  3. Add color to keys.
  4. STOPS a run in pantyhose
  5. Remove permanent marker from hands and walls.
  6. Remove melted plastics.Remove Super Glue.
  7. Remove paint from window glass.
  8. Scrub with Magic Eraser
  9. Wipe up nail polish smears.
  10. Clean up nail polish smears and spills
  11. Remove polish from all kinds of surfaces
  12. Pour salt over spilled polish, sweep, and absorb.                                                                    
  13. How about two more useful products?  Baby Powder and Baby Oil have many uses, even if there isn’t a baby in the house.  They are inexpensive products that are long-lasting with a number of handy uses.


    Baby Power


    1. Wet, sandy feet -  moisture absorbed and sand will fall off.
    2. Freshen stinky pets
    3. De-stink cat litter  - like a dry shampoo
    4. untangle a necklace after cleaning
    5. Use it  on  summer sheets,  It helps them feel cooler and freshly cleaned.
    6. In the garden, before planted flower bulbs to keep away pests and discourage rotting
    7. laundry Sprinkle on grease stains and rub in gently before washing’
    8. Clean cook books - use to absorb grease off cook book pages’
    9. De-stink your shoes.  Sprinkle after each wearing.
    10. Silence squeaky shoes.  
    11. Sprinkle and sweep off to eliminate squeaking

    Baby Oil


    1.Eye make-up remover.  A small piece of a cotton ball.  Gently wash off

    1. Shave with it.  Oil leaves skin silky smooth
    2. Prevent nicks.  Also leaves skin soft and moisturized.
    3.  Soothe your skin.  Use baby oil to prevent red bumps and irritation - moisturizes skin too.
    4.  Remove paint.  Remove dried paint without a lot of scrubbing.
    5. Remove temporary tattoos.  Use baby oil to remove.  Place baby oil on gum.  Should be able to comb it out.  Be sure to wash hair afterward,
    6.  Remove paint. Remove paint without a lot of scrubbing

    9,  Unstick zippers.  Rub a little bit on the zipper parts and zipping will be much easier.

    1. Moisturize cracked heels.Rub oil on the area,  Rub area every day to see a difference.
    2. Declog ears.  4-5 drops warm baby oil into the ear.  Let it sit, head sideways for a few minutes.  Tilt head the other direction and let drain out.  Rinse with warm water.

    12,  Ward off frostbite.  Cover exposed skin

    1.  Untangle jewelry  Dab baby oil on knot or tangle,  Let it set,  Use toothbrush to work out tangle.  Also lubricates chains to make untangling easier.

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Taking Action

pink letters with white
white tulips

Success results from achievement which is what happens when you get things done.

Instead of allowing procrastination to hinder your progress follow the 10 tips below and discover how you can become a successful action taker.

1. Set a Goal: Decide what you want to achieve. Once you know your goal you can devise a plan showing the step by step

process on how to achieve it. Knowing the outcome and the process will allow you to identify where to start and enable you to take action.

2. Clear Your Mind: It may sound counter inter-intuitive but taking time at the beginning of your day to mind dump your thoughts onto paper

. Take a piece of paper, pen and spend 10 minutes writing down everything that comes into your mind (your stream of consciousness).

This will clear your mind leaving only the important tasks.

3. Make a List: Many successful people make a list of things they need to do the evening before. This ensures that they go to bed knowing that

they have action points for the following day and the next day starts positively with a road map of what needs to be accomplished.

4. Small Steps: It’s easier to take action when you set yourself small steps (or tasks) on the way to completing a bigger goal.

This is because you will not feel as overwhelmed and as you complete each smaller task you will feel a sense of accomplishment and success.

5. Be Accountable: Announce your goal to a friend, partner or colleague. This accountability is a great driver to taking action

because you will feel a greater sense of commitment towards the goal and its completion. You will also be able to
discuss your progress and this can help you discuss any potential issues that may hamper your progress and

brainstorm ways to overcome them.

6. Remove Distractions: Turn off your phone, shut down your email and social media sites and get yourself into a situation where you will be undisturbed.

Lessening the chances of being interrupted will ensure you have a greater chance of getting in the flow of work and this will help you be more productive.

7. Change Your Mindset: Be positive and tell yourself that you can and will complete the task. Envision yourself as a successful action taker.

You could create a mind movie of yourself taking action. Make it involve all of your senses so that you can really feel, hear and see yourself working towards your goal,

achieving it and then experiencing the positive results of having done so. This Neuro Linguistic Programming

technique is very powerful and will program your mind for success.

8. Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time: It’s easy to wait for the perfect time or situation but the chances are it will never happen.

Simply get started and you’ll find that momentum will build and you will make progress.

9. Be Consistent: By taking consistent action every day you will make good headway towards achieving your goals

. You will also ensure that your action taking becomes a habit.

10. Remove Analysis Paralysis: Stop over-thinking as it will get you nowhere and actually stop you taking action

as you will find yourself second guessing and over-worrying. If you know what you need to do, what you are trying to achieve and have the

resources needed available then your best course of action is to get started.



Start now. Whatever it is you need to do… start right now.

There is no perfect time and taking the first step creates

action and with that you can build momentum towards

achieving whatever it is you set out to do.

Clear your mind. By clearing your mind, you create space, calm and focus.

Take a piece of paper and brain dump everything that you need to do

or that comes into your consciousness.

Remove all distractions. Turn off your mobile phone, e-mail

and social media sites and use the time to start

taking action towards achieving your goals.


1. The Art of Taking Action: ie=UTF8&camp=15121

&creative=330641&creativeASIN=B00PR814K0&linkCod e=as2&tag=toolformoti-20

2. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action: ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=330641&creativeASIN=1591846447&linkCod e=as2&tag=toolformoti-20

3. Action!: Nothing Happens Until You Take… : ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=330641&creativeASIN=1629143294&linkCod e=as2&tag=toolformoti-20

4. Take Action!: 5 Small Steps To… : ?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=330641&creativeASIN=B00WTED3AY&linkC ode=as2&tag=toolformoti-20

5. The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan: ?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=330641&creativeASIN=B01AXTFRNC&linkCo de=as2&tag=toolformoti-20

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What is Your Most Cherished Family Heirloom?

What‘ s Your Most Cherished Family Heirloom?


That depends on who answers the question.  It may  also  depend upon


the types of items being discussed  Family items may  not be desired

by all members, depending upon memories associated with them.  Recently, I


found myself in a position to ponder and evaluate such questions as  


I am the final Living child of both my father and my mother.

I have spent a lifetime collecting antiques with my husband. Last year


  There were far too many items to move them all.  However a decision


was made and an antique sale was prepared.  


 We kept things that were valuable, both sentimental and monetary.  


We then moved all my mother’s belongings into the garage,


once again we kept most of the furniture items.  These were planned to


be used at least as long as she lives.


We have lived in this house for over a year with a full garage,


So my  antique collection  has been reduced in order to allow Mother to


have some familiar items.  It is my own issue with procrastination.


The final idea came from reading “Real Simple” magazine.  As


I read and reflected on the article, it grew in my mind


I read some of the heart-wrenching feelings about family antiques.  We

should create a roundup- post about your own family heirlooms that you treasure.  

The challenge is to choose one. and describe your feelings

please email your post to me personally.

  ssary, but a great way to share on Instagram.

 Be sure to download your idea page  

[ I can’t fight the teacher in me, so

Include pictures ,I’ll check and correct spelling and grammer[

I am happy with this little plan and I hope there are many readers who

 might share.  I will place pictures on Instagram.  Let’s


set a due date of December 16,

Be sure to download the page to help you.

Find me on Pinterest under Think Creatively Southern.














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Are You Ready To Start A Blog?

  Are you thinking of stating a blog?  I need to suggest several companies who are having excellent Black Sales this weekend.  Hurry because these sales end Monday.  

WP Beginner is going to contain a whole lot of success for you/


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Once you get your site and hosting in place,  it's time to invest in some courses, to learn where to begin.  Krystal Kleidon has courses geared toward the beginner                 

Next, you need a professional photoger.  These picture give a professional appearence, to blog posts.  Elle Droubin has a valuable special this weekend.

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Finally, when you're just beginning, PLR bee be a lifesaver..  In case you are not familiar with PLR, it's content that is ready to use in the whole package.  list Magnets has a supply of topics Many are on sale throughout the weekend.


ou'll be able to add a custom header to your videos which include:

  1. An image or logo

  2. Your brand colors

  3. And a call-to-action message

We wrote a quick blog post to show you exactly how you ca


You'll be able to add a custom header to your videos which include:

  1. An image or logo

  2. Your brand colors

  3. And a call-to-action message

We wrote a quick blog post to show you exactly how you can do it too.

PPS: Don't need stock photos? Here's a round up of other Black Friday sales you should totally check out!oou about Kelly's "Train Then Teach" package. What Kelly's done is absolutely brilliant because it solves the problem of buying PLR and feeling like you simply don't have the expert to teach the topic. Ugh.

The topic of Kelly's package is Create a Perfect Business for You and it walks you through the following modules, so you can teach too:#1: Self Discovery: What Will You Bring To Your Business?
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#4: Platform Solutions: What Tools Will Y

.and she's also including:

  • A teaching guide for each module

  • Student worksheets

  • Recordings

  • Transcripts

You can use her recordings to put your product together or use the transcript to teach your own workshop. 


But she's giving you extra care and attention, so take advantage. She's also offering a bonus Q&A sessions and a private Facebook community, so you can get the support you need to run your own high ticket training program. 

AND - she'll even talk to you on the phone for one-on-one guidance. If you register now, you get two x 30-minute private consulting sessions. That's worth more than the price of admission. Sweet! 

offers the unique perspective of helping your clients find the PERFECT business for them. Something that will bring them profit and joy. Those things aren't always easy to come by together, but Kelly's got this all figured out. 

There's a $200 discount on right now and I do believe space is limited, so get yourself right here and register

You're in the best hands possible here...don't miss this opportunity. 

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along very often...PLR rights to the presentations of some of the biggest online publishing rock stars. Make sure your customers know about it, so they can leverage the rock star status to bolster their own reputation and authority. 

I have a second email for you at the bottom of this email and I'll be back with a leader board update a bit later. I'm just running around this morning because my daughter has a choir performance at today's Remembrance Day ceremony at school. Really looking forward to it, but I'll be back at work this afternoon. 

Quick Launch Details:

On behalf of Ron and myself, thank you for joining us in getting this one out there. 

To Your Great Success,

trash. Please head to Get Paid $30 – $50 Per Hour To Pick Up Trash to read the full article. If you'd like to save this for later, please add it to Pinterest.

Here is his story and advice. Enjo

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Productivity is always a super hot niche and here are just a few things you can do with the product:

Use it as video content
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+ much, much more!

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You're always in great hands with Charles' content, so do yourself a favor and pick this one up. 

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The number one reason to work a side hustle is to make extra income on the side. Show me one person who wouldn’t like to boost their income! Besides the positive cash flow, by using your non-work hours more productively, here are some advantages of launching your own side hustle idea:

Creative outlet. You may be really successful within your career, but are you passionate about it? What do you do in your spare time as soon as you clock out at your job? Having a side hustle focused on your hobby can provide a positive outlet for your creative energy.

Freedom. When you are focused on your side hustle you are your own boss. Not only are you free from management but also in my case I am able to be physically free and not chained to a desk.

Income diversification. Losing a job can put the average person into a tailspin – especially if they don’t have a backup plan. In this unfortunate scenario your side hustle can be your backup plan for a while. Having multiple streams of income can also help in case of medical emergencies, if you decide to change jobs, or are faced with relocation.

Skill building. Entrepreneurs learn to wear many hats in their business. Without a dedicated HR, IT, Accounting, or Marketing Department you’ll come to realize that you must figure out how to do things you may have relied on others to manage in the past. Who knows- you may even be able to apply these new skills at your regular job.

Balance. Working a side hustle means you will be naturally more engaged and busy! Saying “No.” to obligatory invitations or extraneous requests will become second nature. We have to admit to ourselves that there’s a limit to how much we can do in a day, and when we do we allow ourselves to prioritize our life and focus on what’s most important- achieving a healthy balance.

Reaching financial goals. You may have your financial future mapped out through retirement. But wouldn’t you like to get there quicker? A side hustle helps you earn that extra cash to accelerate your financial progress.

There are an unlimited number of ways to make extra money on the side. My advice on selecting a side hustle idea is to take stock of what inspires you and makes you happy. Look for a light bulb moment. When my light bulb went off I pursued my side hustle idea and found financial freedom- and you can too!

Related content on making extra money:

Here's another complete done-for-you product by Charles Harper that you can pick up and start selling right away...and it's on for

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It’s called “Get Productive with G-Tools” – and it shows your customers how to make the most of Google's productivity features and tools. 

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– Use it for offline clients, coaching, speaking
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I hope you're having a fantastic day. We've all been super busy for the upcoming launch of and I'm soooo excited about it. But I forgot how much work a new site is...even when you've got an awesome team around you helping you out each step of the way. 

Anyway, I wanted to send you a few updates, so you're in the loop about all the cool things that are happening. 

#1: Did You See the Announcement? We're Getting FOCUSED for You and Your Customers!

We're changing focus slightly at and we're opening up a new site at to focus on content and training for personal development coaches, speakers and publishers. Lots of opportunity to make moolah here! 

If you want more details, here's the FB live where we talked about it (just request to join the group to see it, if you're not already a member)

I loved doing this session too and because of it, I got some great suggestions from our affiliates and a number of those have been implemented. That's why I have so many things to announce to you today. 2: Our First Product Launches Next Thursday, October 12 

I told you about our Daily Planners launch a short time ago and this one will go on Following up on our super successful journal pack, we've got an awesome pack of planners coming your customers' way. The package will include a Productivity Planner, Goals Planner, Healthy Me Planner and Gratitude Planner...and a bunch of extras. I'll send the JV/promo page out to you soon. 

#3: No Need To Sign Up for the New Affiliate Program...We've Got You Covered

If you signed up for our affiliate program before last night (Tuesdsay, October 3), we've also imported you into the system at Publish For That means, we already have your PayPal address ready to send you commissions. And you'll be able to use the same affiliate ID. The domain link will be different, but you'll just have one ID between the two sites. 

You'll have the same log in as well and I'll update you when it's time to log in and grab links. We're still under construction, but we're getting there quickly!  

#4: Promo Calendar Now Available

Thanks to a great suggestion from David Perdew, I've got a promo calendar for you guys now. It runs until January so far so you can plan ahead...and there's one more thing I'll be adding to January soon. But it shows you everything you'll be able to promote so far. 

Click here to see the promo calendar

I've also put the link in the pinned post in our group and we'll be adding it to the affiliate center as well.  

#5: You CAN Track Your Links and Campaigns

I've also put the link in the pinned post in our group and we'll be adding it to the affiliate center as well.  

#5: You CAN Track Your Links and Campaigns

once you find your niche, time to dress it up with fonts and graphics. My personal favorite is Creative Market.





































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What Are You Doing Thursday, November 23,2017?

Thanksgiving is racing up the calendar. It will soon arrive. There are various celebrations planned throughout the country.

For many, these involve food and football. It began as a day of giving thanks between the Indians and Pilgrims. They prayed as their way of giving thanks for their survival through the previous year. All brought food to share peacefully.

Following this tradition, feasts occurred yearly.

In fact, we still carry on this tradition. We begin by preparing a celebratory feast for family or loved ones. Such feasts have ebbed and morphed until little remains of the original feasting tradition.

Today’s busy schedule leaves little time to celebrate this holiday as scheduled on the fourth Thursday in November. We usually gobble up full plates of food and relax.

Children study Thanksgiving in school. It is a topic that veers from the point of origin through modern celebrations. It has endured a number of changes that are less religious.

For those not scheduled to work on Friday, Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Stores are often crowded, noisy, with fierce competitors.

For many, these celebrations involve food and football. Some hard-core shoppers may head out to ensnare more bargains. Shoppers exhibit more engagement than any other weekend of the year. Merchants encourage this as it is close to year end closeouts.

Stores often offer extended hours to help capture all shoppers. Those shoppers usually end up with a trip home to feast on leftovers. Not to mention more football games. Shoppers exhibit more engagement than they do all year long.

Thanksgiving is a day of cooking,cleaning, company or relatives, sports, and clean=up

. I have put together a simple recipe book of family friendly, easy to prepare dishes to make your feast delicious without being stressed about locating recipes.
. I wish you all a peaceful Thanksgiving.

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Crafting = Quality Family Time

Crafting = Quality Family Tiime

Some parents are skilled crafters. Others are doing well to cut paper

in a reasonably straight line. No matter which group you fall into,

crafting with your kids can be beneficial for all involved.

Few things bring families together like crafting. Here are some of

the good things that come out of crafting with your kids.

* Crafting builds creativity.

Developing minds need a creative outlet,

and crafting provides the opportunity for kids to use their

imaginations. It helps them learn to solve problems, and it could lay

the groundwork for a lifetime of interest in art. For parents, getting creative can help reduce stress

and promote using the brain in ways that we don't have a reason to use it every day.


* Crafting teaches kids to follow directions. This seems like a very basic skill, but we all know

adults who can't seem to follow directions. When kids craft, they learn the consequences of not

following directions when their projects do not turn out as expected. This instills in them the

importance of doing things the right way the first time.


* For young children, crafting is fabulous for learning basic skills. Almost any type of craft

promotes hand-eye coordination. Kids can also learn to use scissors, measure and do lots of other

things they will eventually do in everyday life.


* Parents and children have a chance to talk. In our busy lives, it seems that we know less about

our kids than previous generations of parents did. Passive activities such as watching TV do little

to encourage conversation. But when you're crafting together, talking comes naturally. You can

seize the opportunity to discuss such things as your child's interests, his concerns, and how he's doing in school.

* Crafting is a great way to wind down. It's wonderful for kids to be active, but there are times when

they need to calm down. If you find your child getting agitated or exhibiting an overabundance of

energy near bedtime, try bringing out the craft supplies. Crafting engages kids' minds, giving them

something to focus on and a good reason to sit still for a while.

* Creating things is a confidence booster. Parents who craft regularly know the feeling of

accomplishment when a project is complete. Multiply this feeling by ten, and you have a pretty

good idea of how your child feels when he makes something. For kids, crafting can help build

positive self-esteem.

* Working on a project together is a great way to teach your kids teamwork. This will help them

develop skills needed to resolve disputes peacefully and effectively. It will also help them discover

their strengths and teach them that doing their best will make the entire project turn out better.

* Crafting creates treasured family memories. The finished product will serve as a reminder of the fun you had making it together.

Crafting as a family provides opportunities for us to interact with our children. It is also a valuable

learning experience for them. Don't worry if you aren't the world's greatest crafter. Simply being

willing to try anyway, is a lesson to your kids in itself.


Scrapbooking for Beginners

Scrapbooking has been around for ages, but it has recently experienced a surge in popularity.

People from all walks of life have discovered the joys of creating albums to showcase their

treasured photos and keepsakes. But with all the elaborate scrapbooking techniques and myriad embellishments available, getting started is intimidating.


The truth is, anyone that can use scissors and glue can scrapbook. And you don't have to spend

ridiculous amounts of money to create attractive pages. With some basic supplies and a little

imagination, you can create lovely scrapbooks that will become a source of enjoyment for years to come.


What You Need

You can get started scrapbooking on a small budget. Here are the things you'll need.

* An album - Scrapbooking albums come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are 8 1/2" x 11"

and 12" x 12". They are found at most craft supply stores if you don't have a scrapbooking supply

store nearby.

* Paper - Scrapbooking paper is found in a variety of solid colors and patterns. This will be the

basis for each page. You may also use scrapbooking paper for journaling and to create your own

photo mats and embellishments.


* Cutting tools - You can easily get by with just a good pair of scissors. But an Exacto knife might

make photo cropping easier. And if you're no good at cutting straight lines, you might want to

invest in a paper-cutter.

* Adhesives - There are all sorts of adhesives to be used for scrapbooking.  Glue sticks and double-

sided tape are quite popular. Most scrapbookers also use rubber cement or glue dots for certain

applications. But when you're getting started, just use what you're most comfortable with.

* Photos - Beginning scrapbookers often start out with old photos that they've accumulated over

the years. This makes for a nice, nostalgic album.  Of course, you can also take new pictures for

your scrapbook. A digital camera and photo printer are two modern conveniences that make

scrapbooking easier, but they are not necessities. Photos shot by a film camera work just as well.

When purchasing scrapbooking supplies, it's important to make sure they are acid-free. This will

keep them from harming your priceless photos.

Basic Techniques

You don't have to know a lot about scrapbooking techniques to create an attractive album. Just a

few simple techniques will suffice.

One of the first things many scrapbookers learn is how to mat photos. This can be accomplished

by simply cutting a square or rectangle that is about a half inch longer and wider than the photo

you want to mat. Then glue the photo to the center. To make a photo really stand out, double mat it by cutting out a shape a half inch longer and wider than the first mat, and center the matted photo on it.

Journaling gives scrapbook pages a nice personal touch. Simply write a note about the photos on

a page, telling what was happening or sharing your thoughts on the subject. Use paper that

coordinates with the background, and be sure to write with an acid-free pen.

There's no need to throw in the towel if you don't have the time, money or know-how to create

elaborate scrapbooks. Just start simple, and learn new techniques as you go.

Make Your Own Cards – Fun and Easy!

Instead of giving out a store-bought card for the next special occasion, try your hand at making

your own cards. Making your own cards don't require a lot of hard work, but rather a bit of creativity and the right materials.

To start creating your cards visit your local arts and crafts store to search for materials. Most arts

and crafts stores have big scrapbooking sections. This is where you will be able to find the

materials to make your own cards. Let your inspiration guide you as the possibilities are endless.

You can create various themed cards such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day cards and much more.

Rubber stamps are widely available and you can buy virtually any color ink to go with the stamps.

There are several stamping methods that you can use when making cards including embossing.

Embossing is the process of creating a raised image on the card and it can give the card an elegant appearance.

There are several die cuts and die cut machines available as well. Die cuts allow you to punch a

shape out with ease. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are very useful in achieving a

layered look. Die cuts that are punched out of different color papers to display a colorful card.

Scrapbook papers come in all different colors, textures, and themes.  The patterned paper is

available in many styles, as well as glitter paper and pre-scored card kits. Card kits come with the

note cards already made and ready to decorate. The kits come in different sizes and often different

colors to meet a variety of needs. During seasonal periods, such as Christmas, card kits come out

with note cards, envelopes and die cut shapes.

Stickers are available, both regular and 3D types which are available in various themes.  Disney

stickers are available, as well as licensed characters and many 3D designs. Adding stickers to your

cards can help to foster even more creativity when matching colors and themes. You can further

enhance your handmade cards by adding ribbon or brads. Ribbon comes in a plethora of colors,

shapes and textures. Brads are used to hold items such as die cuts on the card without the use of

an adhesive.

Simply put, making cards is a creative process that only you can foster. Cards are created with a

variety of items found in your local arts and crafts store. You can play around using different

methods to decorate the cards and have fun at the same time!

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A Success Mindset

All successful people have at least one thing in common: A success mindset.       
It doesn’t matter if they are a businessperson, an artist, a successful athlete, or an inventor. They all have the attitude and qualities to rise above their own personal troubles and to see things others can’t or don’t see.
Why is it that some people are more successful than their peers are? They may be average in looks and come from backgrounds with various struggles and little money. Yet they become very successful.

Your lot in life isn’t what determines what you can or cannot achieve. Having the right state of mind is a key factor to being successful in business and life in general. The way you think about succeeding can help you move ahead or keep you stagnant

Many times our thoughts are what hold us back from succeeding at something. We second-guess ourselves. We have doubts. We have negative thoughts or opinions. We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or whatever fits the situation. This is all self-sabotaging behavior, which can be changed.

There are many reasons why we do this. It could be fear of the unknown. It can come from the action being outside our comfort zone. It might be we were raised to think in a certain way. Whatever the cause, the mindset has a profound effect on how we succeed in life.
Anyone can develop a success mindset and harness the power it has to change your life. One of the first things you need to realize is that to be successful you have to be prepared for it in your mind.

What is the mindset and why does it profoundly affect how we see things?
In this report, we will look at what mindset is and how the wrong mindset can be sabotaging your success. The reasons behind this behavior will be discussed. Finally, we will give you tips for developing a success mindset.

What is Mindset?
Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and positive thinking. Mindset is these and more. Mindset is the way we perceive success. It is the negative, fear induced thoughts that hold you back versus positive, self-supporting thoughts that help you grow.

Your mindset has three basic parts - your IQ, the behavioral patterns you’ve learned, and your abilities or skills. Your mindset is your beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. It’s what you believe about your intelligence, your talent, your personality, and your abilities. It’s the belief of whether you believe these traits are fixed traits that can’t be changed or if they can be learned and improved upon throughout your life.

Succeed– intelligence, skills, talent,. They believe they are guaranteed success simply because of the characteristics and talents they already have. They seldom try new things, take chances, or look at things from a different perspective.

People with a fixed mindset often worry about their mindset traits and their suitability. They often feel that they have to prove things to themselves and others. Yet, they only do what they feel comfortable doing. They can achieve some success but more often than not, they reach a ceiling that keeps them from moving any further up the success chain.

Growth Mindset
People with a growth mindset believe anyone can achieve success with hard work and a believer’s attitude. They don’t believe in quitting. This allows them to strive while others run into roadblocks.
These people believe everyone is teachable. They are willing to learn what they need to in order to grow to the next level. People with a growth mindset believe they have some natural abilities in certain areas but it must be cultivated in order to take full advantage of it.

They know there is always room to improve on what they know and they’re not afraid to fail. They know trying and failing are important parts of learning and achieving. They are willing to put in the effort to succeed by taking action that moves them toward their goals.

There are two kinds of mindsets: fixed mindset and growth mindset.   Fixed Mindset
People who have a fixed mindset believe they were born with everything they need to
Your mindset is made up of your skills, your intelligence, and your behavioral patterns. Some believe they are fixed and cannot be changed or enhanced.

Others see them as the starting point to growth and change. Why do You Have Self-sabotaging Behavior?
Self-sabotage is when part of your personality acts in conflict with another part of your personality. If you want to succeed, why do you sabotage it with your behavior?

Bad habits, negative self-talk, and other self-defeating behaviors can come from many sources.
Self-sabotage is often associated with poor self-esteem, low self-worth, and no self-confidence. You can suffer from this type of behavior pattern because you can’t effectively control your emotions. You react to circumstances or people in ways that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Self-sabotage is used to cope with difficult situations or times when you feel like you are not capable or worthy.
Here are four causes of self-defeating behavior:

1. Anticipating failure. You may be accustomed to situations failing or not turning out as you hoped. Dysfunctional or negative people may be pulling you down. You could be afraid to try something different because you don’t want to risk failing.

2. Bad habits. Unhealthy behaviors or thoughts like excessive drinking, smoking, uncontrolled anger, or overeating can cause you to stick with what is familiar. You tell yourself you can’t change these habits so why try.

Internalized negative thoughts. If you grew up with a parent who always saw the negative side of everything, worried about what could go wrong, or how they looked to others, you may have taken on a similar attitude without even knowing it.

1. Listening to your critical inner voice. This voice is formed from experiences early in our life. You internalize the attitudes of others directed toward you. Because others may have seen you as lazy, you may have grown up feeling useless.

Your self-sabotaging inner voice might tell you not to try. For example, “Why bother? You’ll never succeed anyway.” Self-sabotage is often an unconscious thought or behavior that is in direct conflict with our desire to succeed.

Avoid Self-Sabotage now that you know why you are sabotaging your success, you need to learn how to avoid these thoughts and behaviors to achieve the success you desire. To do this you need to be aware of when you are in this state.

Change your habits
Develop A Success Mindset

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