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Crafting = Quality Family Time

September 19th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on Crafting = Quality Family Time)

Crafting = Quality Family Time

Some parents are skilled crafters. Others are doing well to cut paper in a reasonably straight line. No matter which group you fall into, crafting with your kids can be beneficial for all involved.

Few things bring families together like crafting. Here are some of the good things that come out of crafting with your kids.

* Crafting builds creativity. Developing minds need a creative outlet, and crafting provides the opportunity for kids to use their imaginations. It helps them learn to solve problems, and it could lay the groundwork for a lifetime of interest in art. For parents, getting creative can help reduce stress and promote using the brain in ways that we don't have a reason to use it every day.

* Crafting teaches kids to follow directions. This seems like a very basic skill, but we all know adults who can't seem to follow directions. When kids craft, they learn the consequences of not following directions when their projects do not turn out as expected. This instills in them the importance of doing things the right way the first time.

* For young children, crafting is fabulous for learning basic skills. Almost any type of craft promotes hand-eye coordination. Kids can also learn to use scissors, measure and do lots of other things they will eventually do in everyday life.

* Parents and children have a chance to talk. In our busy lives, it seems that we know less about our kids than previous generations of parents did. Passive activities such as watching TV do little to encourage conversation. But when you're crafting together, talking comes naturally. You can seize the opportunity to discuss such things as your child's interests, his concerns, and how he's doing in school.

* Crafting is a great way to wind down. It's wonderful for kids to be active, but there are times when they need to calm down. If you find your child getting agitated or exhibiting an overabundance of energy near bedtime, try bringing out the craft supplies. Crafting engages kids' minds, giving them something to focus on and a good reason to sit still for a while.

* Creating things is a confidence booster. Parents who craft regularly know the feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete. Multiply this feeling by ten, and you have a pretty good idea of how your child feels when he makes something. For kids, crafting can help build positive self-esteem.

* Working on a project together is a great way to teach your kids teamwork. This will help them develop skills needed to resolve disputes peacefully and effectively. It will also help them discover their strengths and teach them that doing their best will make the entire project turn out better.

* Crafting creates treasured family memories. The finished product will serve as a reminder of the fun you had making it together.

Crafting as a family provides opportunities for us to interact with our children. It is also a valuable learning experience for them. Don't worry if you aren't the world's greatest crafter. Simply being willing to try anyway, is a lesson to your kids in itself.

Scrapbooking for Beginners

Scrapbooking has been around for ages, but it has recently experienced a surge in popularity. People from all walks of life have discovered the joys of creating albums to showcase their treasured photos and keepsakes. But with all the elaborate scrapbooking techniques and myriad embellishments available, getting started is intimidating.

The truth is, anyone that can use scissors and glue can scrapbook. And you don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to create attractive pages. With some basic supplies and a little imagination, you can create lovely scrapbooks that will become a source of enjoyment for years to come.

What You Need

You can get started scrapbooking on a small budget. Here are the things you'll need.

* An album - Scrapbooking albums come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are 8 1/2" x 11" and 12" x 12". They are found at most craft supply stores if you don't have a scrapbooking supply store nearby.

* Paper - Scrapbooking paper is found in a variety of solid colors and patterns. This will be the basis for each page. You may also use scrapbooking paper for journaling and to create your own photo mats and embellishments.

* Cutting tools - You can easily get by with just a good pair of scissors. But an Exacto knife might make photo cropping easier. And if you're no good at cutting straight lines, you might want to invest in a paper-cutter.

* Adhesives - There are all sorts of adhesives to be used for scrapbooking.  Glue sticks and double-sided tape are quite popular. Most scrapbookers also use rubber cement or glue dots for certain applications. But when you're getting started, just use what you're most comfortable with.

* Photos - Beginning scrapbookers often start out with old photos that they've accumulated over the years. This makes for a nice, nostalgic album.  Of course, you can also take new pictures for your scrapbook. A digital camera and photo printer are two modern conveniences that make scrapbooking easier, but they are not necessities. Photos shot by a film camera work just as well.

When purchasing scrapbooking supplies, it's important to make sure they are acid-free. This will keep them from harming your priceless photos.

Basic Techniques

You don't have to know a lot about scrapbooking techniques to create an attractive album. Just a few simple techniques will suffice.

One of the first things many scrapbookers learn is how to mat photos. This can be accomplished by simply cutting a square or rectangle that is about a half inch longer and wider than the photo you want to mat. Then glue the photo to the center. To make a photo really stand out, double mat it by cutting out a shape a half inch longer and wider than the first mat, and center the matted photo on it.

Journaling gives scrapbook pages a nice personal touch. Simply write a note about the photos on a page, telling what was happening or sharing your thoughts on the subject. Use paper that coordinates with the background, and be sure to write with an acid-free pen.

There's no need to throw in the towel if you don't have the time, money or know-how to create elaborate scrapbooks. Just start simple, and learn new techniques as you go.

Make Your Own Cards – Fun and Easy!

Instead of giving out a store-bought card for the next special occasion, try your hand at making your own cards. Making your own cards don't require a lot of hard work, but rather a bit of creativity and the right materials.

To start creating your cards visit your local arts and crafts store to search for materials. Most arts and crafts stores have big scrapbooking sections. This is where you will be able to find the materials to make your own cards. Let your inspiration guide you as the possibilities are endless. You can create various themed cards such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day cards and much more.

Rubber stamps are widely available and you can buy virtually any color ink to go with the stamps. There are several stamping methods that you can use when making cards including embossing. Embossing is the process of creating a raised image on the card and it can give the card an elegant appearance.

There are several die cuts and die cut machines available as well. Die cuts allow you to punch a shape out with ease. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are very useful in achieving a layered look. Die cuts that are punched out of different color papers to display a colorful card.

Scrapbook papers come in all different colors, textures, and themes.  The patterned paper is available in many styles, as well as glitter paper and pre-scored card kits. Card kits come with the note cards already made and ready to decorate. The kits come in different sizes and often different colors to meet a variety of needs. During seasonal periods, such as Christmas, card kits come out with note cards, envelopes and die cut shapes.

Stickers are available, both regular and 3D types which are available in various themes.  Disney stickers are available, as well as licensed characters and many 3D designs. Adding stickers to your cards can help to foster even more creativity when matching colors and themes. You can further enhance your handmade cards by adding ribbon or brads. Ribbon comes in a plethora of colors, shapes and textures. Brads are used to hold items such as die cuts on the card without the use of an adhesive.

Simply put, making cards is a creative process that only you can foster. Cards are created with a variety of items found in your local arts and crafts store. You can play around using different methods to decorate the cards and have fun at the same time!

A Success Mindset

August 22nd, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Blogging | Design Resources - (Comments Off on A Success Mindset)
Change your habits

All successful people have at least one thing in common: A success mindset.       
It doesn’t matter if they are a businessperson, an artist, a successful athlete, or an inventor. They all have the attitude and qualities to rise above their own personal troubles and to see things others can’t or don’t see.
Why is it that some people are more successful than their peers are? They may be average in looks and come from backgrounds with various struggles and little money. Yet they become very successful.

Your lot in life isn’t what determines what you can or cannot achieve. Having the right state of mind is a key factor to being successful in business and life in general. The way you think about succeeding can help you move ahead or keep you stagnant

Many times our thoughts are what hold us back from succeeding at something. We second-guess ourselves. We have doubts. We have negative thoughts or opinions. We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or whatever fits the situation. This is all self-sabotaging behavior, which can be changed.

There are many reasons why we do this. It could be fear of the unknown. It can come from the action being outside our comfort zone. It might be we were raised to think in a certain way. Whatever the cause, the mindset has a profound effect on how we succeed in life.
Anyone can develop a success mindset and harness the power it has to change your life. One of the first things you need to realize is that to be successful you have to be prepared for it in your mind.

What is the mindset and why does it profoundly affect how we see things?
In this report, we will look at what mindset is and how the wrong mindset can be sabotaging your success. The reasons behind this behavior will be discussed. Finally, we will give you tips for developing a success mindset.

What is Mindset?
Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and positive thinking. Mindset is these and more. Mindset is the way we perceive success. It is the negative, fear induced thoughts that hold you back versus positive, self-supporting thoughts that help you grow.

Your mindset has three basic parts - your IQ, the behavioral patterns you’ve learned, and your abilities or skills. Your mindset is your beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. It’s what you believe about your intelligence, your talent, your personality, and your abilities. It’s the belief of whether you believe these traits are fixed traits that can’t be changed or if they can be learned and improved upon throughout your life.

Succeed– intelligence, skills, talent,. They believe they are guaranteed success simply because of the characteristics and talents they already have. They seldom try new things, take chances, or look at things from a different perspective.

People with a fixed mindset often worry about their mindset traits and their suitability. They often feel that they have to prove things to themselves and others. Yet, they only do what they feel comfortable doing. They can achieve some success but more often than not, they reach a ceiling that keeps them from moving any further up the success chain.

Growth Mindset
People with a growth mindset believe anyone can achieve success with hard work and a believer’s attitude. They don’t believe in quitting. This allows them to strive while others run into roadblocks.
These people believe everyone is teachable. They are willing to learn what they need to in order to grow to the next level. People with a growth mindset believe they have some natural abilities in certain areas but it must be cultivated in order to take full advantage of it.

They know there is always room to improve on what they know and they’re not afraid to fail. They know trying and failing are important parts of learning and achieving. They are willing to put in the effort to succeed by taking action that moves them toward their goals.

There are two kinds of mindsets: fixed mindset and growth mindset.   Fixed Mindset
People who have a fixed mindset believe they were born with everything they need to
Your mindset is made up of your skills, your intelligence, and your behavioral patterns. Some believe they are fixed and cannot be changed or enhanced.

Others see them as the starting point to growth and change. Why do You Have Self-sabotaging Behavior?
Self-sabotage is when part of your personality acts in conflict with another part of your personality. If you want to succeed, why do you sabotage it with your behavior?

Bad habits, negative self-talk, and other self-defeating behaviors can come from many sources.
Self-sabotage is often associated with poor self-esteem, low self-worth, and no self-confidence. You can suffer from this type of behavior pattern because you can’t effectively control your emotions. You react to circumstances or people in ways that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Self-sabotage is used to cope with difficult situations or times when you feel like you are not capable or worthy.
Here are four causes of self-defeating behavior:

1. Anticipating failure. You may be accustomed to situations failing or not turning out as you hoped. Dysfunctional or negative people may be pulling you down. You could be afraid to try something different because you don’t want to risk failing.

2. Bad habits. Unhealthy behaviors or thoughts like excessive drinking, smoking, uncontrolled anger, or overeating can cause you to stick with what is familiar. You tell yourself you can’t change these habits so why try.

Internalized negative thoughts. If you grew up with a parent who always saw the negative side of everything, worried about what could go wrong, or how they looked to others, you may have taken on a similar attitude without even knowing it.

1. Listening to your critical inner voice. This voice is formed from experiences early in our life. You internalize the attitudes of others directed toward you. Because others may have seen you as lazy, you may have grown up feeling useless.

Your self-sabotaging inner voice might tell you not to try. For example, “Why bother? You’ll never succeed anyway.” Self-sabotage is often an unconscious thought or behavior that is in direct conflict with our desire to succeed.

Avoid Self-Sabotage now that you know why you are sabotaging your success, you need to learn how to avoid these thoughts and behaviors to achieve the success you desire. To do this you need to be aware of when you are in this state.

Change your habits

Develop A Success Mindset

Avoid Computer Scams

July 19th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on Avoid Computer Scams)
womens things

Find Your Tribe Online

May 2nd, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on Find Your Tribe Online)

Find Your Tribe Online Build up your email list.

This is the course that
clients are using to triple their traffic using both Facebook and Pinterest. Their results truly are amazing and inspiring! The cool thing about this course is that it doesn't take hours and hours to work on or months and months to see results. If you spend 30 minutes a day working on the ideas, you will see an increase in your traffic and your engagement overnight. The results people are getting from this course are pretty incredible!

MODULE #1: Know Your Niche:  Discover your people, your readers!

  • How to narrow down your niche to help your blog grow faster.
  • How to get to know your niche better so you can help them!
  • Why it's critical to the success of your blog to narrow down your niche.
  • How to create the perfect elevator pitch so your readers know that you are here to help them!
  • The number one key to making all of this work for your blog!

MODULE #1: Know Your Niche:  Discover your people, your readers!

  • How to narrow down your niche to help your blog grow faster.
  • How to get to know your niche better so you can help them!
  • Why it's critical to the success of your blog to narrow down your niche.
  • How to create the perfect elevator pitch so your readers know that you are here to help them!
  • The number one key to making all of this work for your blog!

MODULE #2: All About Using Facebook Groups to Get More Blog Traffic!

  • How to update your Facebook profile to drive more traffic to your blog!
  • How to create an awesome introduction in Facebook groups to maximize your blog's visibility without annoying admins!
  • How to engage your ideal readers in Facebook groups to help them,
  • pour value onto them, and drive blog traffic! How to make Facebook "promo" days work for you and stand out in the crowd!

MODULE #3: All About Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Blog Traffic!

  • How to update your Pinterest profile to increase the chances of getting found on Pinterest!
  • How to update your boards to make them more relevant in the Pinterest search results.
  • How to create a pin that gets thousands of re-pins every day!
  • How to apply and use group boards to help your people and get more traffic.
  • How to use Tailwind to automate the entire pinning process for you!

MODULE #4: Connect with Popular Bloggers to Grow even More!

  • Update your "blog info" to build your brand recognition!
  • Get to know popular bloggers in your niche for potential sharing and collaborations.How to network to help other bloggers.
  • blogging niches including:

407 Pinterest group boards, 440 Facebook groups, 165 popular bloggers covering 25 niches!

  • LivingBusiness of Blogging
  • Food/Recipes
  • Homeschool
  • Couponers
  • Kids/Family/Marriage
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Crafting & DIY
  • Fashion
  • Health/Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Christian/Faith
  • Travel
  • Personal Finance
  • Home/Organization/DIY
  • Productivity/Time Management


  • Give you the step-by-step breakdown of how to use Pinterest--even if you feel like you will never get it.


  • Show you how to spend your time wisely in Facebook groups--even if you only have 15 minutes a day to work on it.


  • Give you all the data you need, I'm talking Facebook groups and Pinterest group boards, to find your people online, because who has the time to do that kind of research?!

To buy Find Your Tribe Online and get The 30 Day Marketing Plan for free, click here and no coupon needed: http://womenwinningonline.com/find-your-tribe-bogo

DGP Caper

March 9th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on DGP Caper)
DGP, Is It Real?

Opening more emails again this week proved to be interesting. I was faced with

two totally opposing points of view on the subject of expressing gratitude. Sometimes it’s a smile,

a joke or even a kind word. The first one was another by the gentleman who had sent me an

before that was very moving



He said he felt like giving is expressing gratitude, whether the words are spoken

or not. I’d have to agree with him. Each moment is an opportunity to give, as

long as it is done freely. You may not be giving to the same person that has

given to you, but the spirit is there. Giving results in a higher vibration inside

yourself. It is uplifting both to the giver and the receiver. It doesn’t have to be

physical to be meaningful. Sometimes it’s a smile, a joke or even a kind word.

that can make someone’s day. The resulting vibrations cause you to attract

positive things into your own life. I hadn’t ever thought about it in those terms,

but felt comfortable with his philosophy. You will attract positive people if you

are sending positive signals.


The opposing email caused me some consternation, She was offended by my blog post

on gratitude. I had never thought about that happening. It is hard to pull back in order to be neutral.

I reread the email several times, just to try to understand where her feelings were coming from, trying to think

whether it was somehow my fault.


The subject line should have warned me, but I had no clue what DGP meant.

She told me near the end. She agrees that while expressing gratitude is uplifting,

it is over prescribed, She said although she is not seeing that doctor who prescribed gratitude, she still

had not shaken her resentment.


Then she explained DGP means Difficult Gratitude Problem.

DGP, Is It Real?

If DGP is real, then I'm Wrong.

I never heard of it before. She said gratitude discussions can get tedious.

c Gratitude loses its magic through lengthy sessions. It becomes a test

of endurance because once she has stated that gratitude does not do it for her,

it’s game over.


Her other DGP concludes that forcing gratitude doesn’t work. Saying

affirmations that you don’t believe, leaves you feeling silly. Being grateful for

something you have always taken for granted doesn’t work either.


Talking about gratitude becomes too habitual. Keeping a daily list of things you

are grateful for, becomes a chore. Knowing that no exceptions will be granted.

While it becomes routine for some, others feel is a dreaded routine

She then comments that routines are a good thing, as long as you don’t lose

the sight of the fact that routines are made to be broken.

Finding gratitude in the midst of a problem, loss, or chaos is like striking mood

busting gold.


Then the email explains how she deals with DGP. She picks one

thing that's bothering her. She keeps a journal, it must not be restricted content.

She does not do this daily. Since the DGP exists, she saves journaling for those

darker days.


She keeps a folder of “happy things,” like notes, or articles and

jokes. A pretty, decorated jar of awesome notes stores memories of happy



Her final way to combat DGP is to make a list of one hundred things she

should be grateful for. Since one hundred is a lot, it is a healthy exercise. Really

stimulates the brain like a gratitude binge


I suppose that DGP is food for thought. I try to be more of a role model for my

adult children. As we age it becomes easier to choose a positive focus


March 5th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on resources)

Pinterest Image Tips

Optimize your Pinterest pinning schedule.

Create multiple boards related to your brand.

Name boards to tell users exactly what they can expect.

This assists users in finding your content.

Repin valuable content from other boards.

Use appealing cover photos for Pinterest boards.

Cover size is 217x147 pixels, crop images as necessary.

Use longer images to stand out on boards.

Use multiple dominant colors with less than 30% background.

Red, Orange and Brown images get pinned 2x as often as Blue.

Have conversations with pinners to thank them using the paper

          airplane image to send a message.

If you find a pin you want to comment on, click comments then click the red                            comment button.

Add group boards for more pin exposure.

Use Pinterest Analytics to find what your audience wants.

Schedule pins at the best possible times (sat. 8-11pm)  (2-4am and pm)

(1-3 sun.pm)

Use rich pins to include more detailed information.

You may choose to include Pinterest promoted ads)

Always use a Call To Action in your blog post! Change up the wording:

Share this post,  Pin it for later, Register today,    Sign-up here, RSVP here

Pin often and consistently.

Install a Pin It button on your website

Be sure to add pin descriptions using keywords

label images with your website in the appropriate blank box.

How About A Challenge?

February 16th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on How About A Challenge?)
be grateful for what you have

With this challenge I'll teach you various ways to enhance your pages so that by the end of the challenge you will have created a beautiful, hand decorated gratitude journal. You will receive daily email prompts and ideas for writing a creative journal with artistic expression.

Just imagine the responses you will earn from anyone you share it with. You can explore the opportunity to explore different media techniques as you create beautiful pages. It is a perfect opportunity to express feelings that are not often shared.
The challenge will run for 14 days.The best part of the challenge is that it is free!

What Are You Grateful For?

February 6th, 2017 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on What Are You Grateful For?)
natures beauty, roses

beautiful roses to be grateful for


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Tech Gifts They Will Love For Valentines Day

December 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on Tech Gifts They Will Love For Valentines Day)

Tech Gifts They Will Love

Just in case you feel the need to buy some last-minute gifts to put together, I felt the need to put together a list of ideas. To inspire you and;save time and energy spent shopping.

These gifts are tech items and who doesn’t like those? There is something suitable for any age person. I included a selection, but these ideas may spark your imagination in another direction. Most items can be found quickly and easily ranging from the mall, online, or even in your local drug store. In order to avoid the mall, you might choose to purchase online at Amazon.com.

Starting with ear buds available in many styles and priced accordingly. Next, I scouted out cell phone accessories.Screen protectors were under $10 and cases started there and for a little more, you could get a leather case, or one in a folder/ wallet model ;There are charging cables, headphones, selfie sticks and a molded plastic bracket designed to hold a cell phone while driving. Of course there is always the most recent model cell phones to choose from.

In addition to cell phone technology, there is a wide assortment of accessories for the Kindle e-book readers.They are real bargain compared to debut prices. Amazon.com has an extensive selection of e-books at low prices. They download them electronically, and all it takes is a phone call or website visit.

You can also choose from charging cables, screen savers, leather cases and a cordless tabletop charging device. There is an accessory that charges more than one device at a time. The Kindle reader I saw was priced at $40, and prices rose from there.

Speakers come in such a variety of sized, shapes and price ranges that it was difficult to determine which were the best to purchase. After viewing the speakers, I explored streaming devices. The models I saw were widely available and a good alternative to cable. They are available in a wide range of models to choose from also. They started with the Google Chromecast Ultra, then the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast Audio, on to the higher end models Western Digital WDTVLive and on to the Roku 3 (2013). Some of these devices were very small and easily handled.

Last items I looked at were drones. I was not aware how many models are being sold. They would be a great choice for the sporting teenagers and up in age men. However they may be delighted when gifts are opened. Of the dozen or more models they fluctuate in price. You can get a lower priced drone for about $80 and on up to around $200. One drawback is that this technology requires supervision.

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12 Things to Get Your Boss

December 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Creativelysouthern in Design Resources - (Comments Off on 12 Things to Get Your Boss)
womans things

womans things

pink carnation with gold notebook and pen

12 Things to Get Your Boss

Are you procrastinating about buying a Christmas present for your boss? You
know you need to do it, but it constantly gets pushed to the bottom of your “to do" list

Part of what makes this gift so hard to complete is the decision of  exactly
what to buy. Since I do not have a boss, I’ve been brainstorming ideas to
suggest. Most items can be picked up quickly and easily I included
approximate costs for the budget minded shopper
How about a bound tablet and a best selling paperback book? This is an
expense of  around $15.  Just in case your boss is experiencing stress, how
about an adult coloring book and crayons? They come in various designs that are very popular.  Once again, the cost is around $15.

You might choose an attractive, scented candle for their desk. Shop carefully and you can find
them for around $15. Of course you could choose a calendar
Or a bottle of cologne.

Rifle Paper Company sells a special recipe box for
about $34 They also offer an almost unlimited selection of gift items.
If you go to the mall, visit the Harry and David store. You have your choice of
prefilled gift boxes and baskets. They make an impressive presentation.
Prices begin around $25.
Jakben also has prepackaged sets of flavored salts around $35. These  would be an excellent choice for flavoring popcorn or outdoor grilling.

Kieh’s Creme
De Corps collection coffee set will be an expense of $58.

Just in case you want to splurge on this gift, I recommend a Wine of the Month Subscription.
They cost about $37 and up .

You might want to buy a wallet as a safe gift choice. Be observant and  try to notice
their preferred wallet style based on it, just in case they like the
one they now use. The start about $15

There are several choices for Uncommon Seeds dishtowels. They cost about
$42, however they can be useful year round.

Since everyone has to eat, there are a multitude of cooking and microwave
implements available.

Last, I found a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for $279. This may be more appropriate as a group gift.
I enjoy using mine because it does such a great job each time I use it.

If  nothiing on this list appeals to you, there’s always a Swiss Army Knife

.e If you decide on somthing
that is not on the list, email me so it can become a part of
next year’s list.

Hopefully, this post inspires you to choose something unique for gifting your boss.
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